gonna dell'avvento
december 2020
unique item

oliviero vitali*filippo bortolotti sironi*rocco vitali

Curfew (Een, Athnan)
The lips remain closed behind the net that traps dreams and tales (Tre, Apat).
White leaves lay on the faces of the world, gagging them (Go, Éxi).
Slowly the masks conquer the body and dress it in white (Saat, Lapan).
Mummies (Jiu, Sib).
Now every man is any man. Every man is all men (Ēgāra, Dvanaest, Tretten, Neliteist).
Our treasures are still hidden under the new skin, while the passing of time brings them alive day after day (Quinze, Kuusitoista).
Like the trunk of a tree the vest becomes a time measurement system that hides and reveals the colors of our identities until the fire is completely blazed (Umikumāhiku, Astoņpadsmit, Dahanavavana,Labaatan).
No man is a mummy (Dua puluh hiji, Tjugotvå).
Each leaf has its own color (Tlieta u ghoxrin, Vennkat).


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